About Us

Established in 1999 Coopers ES is very proud to support companies and individuals with premium quality and highly effective products.

Coopers ES is well established in South Africa and has offices in the main centres of the country.

Coopers Environmental Science recently launched its own Range of Products under the Coopers Ultrakill Brand.

We also have arrangements with Multi-National Companies and market their Brands to extend the Range of products we can offer.

We have a Range of Products for the Professional Pest Control industry, the Grain Storage industry as well as the Reseller of Pesticides for the Home Owner

We are very proud of our experience and expertise to obtain and formulate products for the future that will be of benefit to the consumer and the environment. It is part of our mission to supply the Market with novel technologies.

Coopers Environmental Science is dedicated to creating healthier environments, ensure food security and making life better for the people in Southern Africa.

Control, Balance Protect is our slogan and we endeavour to fulfil this with our Products and Support to all clients.


To be a market leader in South Africa and Africa through industry specialization and cooperative relationships with our customers.


To always place the needs of the client first by interacting with them at a personal level, adopting a client centered approach.

To supply high quality products at a competitive price.

To comply with South African laws regarding product registrations and to uphold all in-house registrations to these norms.

To complement our range with innovative products for IPM.

To take a socially responsible approach to pesticide use and disposal by implementing the D-act System.

Meet the Team

David Faber

T : +27(0)11 979 4246
F : +27(0)11 979 4248
C : +27(0)81 480 3611

Tienie Jordaan

Financial Director
T : +27(0)11 979 4246
F : +27(0)11 979 4248
C : +27(0)83 792 5315

Barry Nadel

Sales and Marketing – Director
T: +27(0)51 44 77 021
C: +27(0)83 2828 102



Sales Director
Head Office JHB
T : +27(0)11 979 4246
F : +27(0)11 979 4248
C : +27(0)76 660 2029

Louwis Venter

Sales Director

T : +27(0)11 979 4246
F : +27(0)11 979 4248
C : +27(0)82 255 0965

Stewart Garner

Sales Director

T : +27(0)31 700 5041
F : +27(0)31 700 5073
C : +27(0)82 568 4729


Flip Smit

Sales Director

T : +27(0)41 364 0037
F : +27(0)86 506 8969
C : +27(0)82 565 9004