Multi Trap Plastic

  • Multi Trap Plastic
  • Multi Trap Plastic c

(Product Code: 810231 – Unit)


– Dual purpose for insect catchment and live mouse trapping.

– See through lid allows for quick inspection.

– Unique design facilitates multiple live trapping of mice where rodenticides are not desired.

– Does not hurt or kill mice.

– Openings on the perimeter allows for easy insect entry e.g. cockroaches, ants, beetles etc.

– Glueboards are required for catching insects and are supplied separately.


Size – 55mm x 270mm x 170mm

Unique design for multiple live mice trapping:
As a mouse walks into the trap, ramp (A) is pressed down and flap (B) lifts closing the entire entry point (C).After the mouse has stepped off ramp and into the unit (D), the ramp reverts to original position allowing for multiple live trapping.

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