Coopers Rock Rodenticide Bait Station

The ideal way to dispense Ultrakill Rat and Mouse Bait formulations & Advanced Paste is by using a bait station as this keeps the bait fresh and prevents accidental ingestion by non-target animals.

The Rock Bait Station is the ideal solution to keep bait safe and fresh as well as having a natural look to compliment homes, guesthouses, wedding venues and other facilities where unsightly black bait stations are not always ideal.

Remember to place your bait stations under cover in the area being baited as rodents prefer to feed out of sight. Continue to refill the stations as the bait is consumed, until the feeding stops. Dead rodents will be noticed within 4 – 10 days of first ingesting the bait.

This delay before the poison takes effect avoids the problem of bait shyness (the problem with “immediate kill” products) and thus ensures that not just a single rat but the whole rodent colony is eliminated.


For Rats & Mice.

– Tamper resistant and lockable.

– Ideal for gardens, point of entry onto property, perimeter treatment.

– Contains a rod for wax blocks.

– Built in tray for various bait formulations (liquid bait, grain bait or pellets).


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