Pulsfog K10

Product Information

Equipment - Thermal Foggers


The Pulsfog K-10 is the smallest available model, ideal for quick and smaller application requirements. Light in weight, with a 5L tank capacity this model is the ideal friend to any professional pest control operator.

Separate accessories are also available to make any job possible.

These include the Pulsfog K-10-SP-Anteater ideal for termite control projects, as well as the Automatic Cut-Off Device which is an added safety feature when doing jobs.

No PCO should be without a PULSFOG!

Pulsfog K-22 and K-30 also available, ask your nearest representative for a quote or download our product catalogue page under the product information Tab.

Coopers is dedicated to not only selling products and equipment, but also to sell the right product or machine for each clients individual needs. Please contact your representative should you wish to look at our full range of available models.

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