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Quickphos 3.4kg b

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Reg. No L7499 Act 36 of 1947 Namibian Reg. No. N-AR 0765

Insecticide – fumigant

quickphos is a fumigant for the control of stored-product insect pests in stored maize, wheat, sorghum, groundnuts, dried beans, sunflower seed, barley, oats, rye, dried fruit, tobacco, farinaceous products of the mentioned agricultural products and the storage premises.

Active ingredient:
Aluminium Phosphide 560 g/kg

Pack sizes available: (Blankets)- 100x34g, (Loose)- 10x34g, (Chains)- 10x34g

(Product Codes: 7000007 – Blankets 100x34g, 7000008 – Loose 10x34g & 7000010 – Chains 10x34g)

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