Ultramatic Aerosol Airfreshener Cosmos


The ULTRAmatic Air Freshener contains a unique combination of ingredients, that first neutralise foul odours and then adds a pleasant, long lasting fragrance to the air.

Home, restaurant, hotel, factory, office, shop and it is also effective for confined spaces such as a bus or public transport or high traffic areas such as a bank.

The quality ingredients in this air freshener are guaranteed to stay suspended in the air for longer than many other air fresheners.

One ULTRAmatic aerosol will effectively cover an area of up to 180m³.

One can lasts for approximately 30 days if used continuously for 24 hours at a 15 minute spray interval when used in the ULTRAmatic Aerosol Dispenser.

The 1 sales unit = 6 cans of Ocean Fresh Air Freshener (Product Code: 810091)
OR As an alternative get a Mixed Pack
1 x mixed pack = 2 cans of Ocean Fresh, 2 cans of Citrus Orchard & 2 cans of Cosmos.
(Product Code: 810016)

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