Ultramatic Deluxe Aerosol Dispenser

The Ultramatic Deluxe dispenser is the top of the range automatic LCD programmable aerosol dispensing unit with all the expected features. The Ultramatic Deluxe provides the best space spray treatment option available on the market.FOR USE IN:
Food handling premises, restaurants, hotels, factories, offices, shops, guard houses, banks, toilets and washrooms, home usage, camping, caravans, tour busses, public transport & high traffic areas.(Product Code: 810159 – Ultramatic Deluxe Unit)FEATURES:
Real time 24 hour clock and week day display.
Spray interval from 1 – 60 min (Default settings is 15 min.).
Programmable start/stop time settings and “OFF” day selections.
“OFF” day selection – choose the days of operation.
ON/OFF Switch.
Test Switch – For testing unit.
Low can indicator on LCD display.Low battery indicator on LCD display.
Operates on 2 ‘D’ alkaline batteries.
High quality and durable, chemical resistant plastic – suitable for both insecticides and air fresheners, which is a great advantage and not commonly found.


A unit for your specific needs.

For fly control (using Coopermatic® Fly Killer):
This unit can be programmed to switch on and off during daylight hours when flies are most active e.g. 6 am – 6 pm.

For mosquito and moth control (using Coopermatic® Fly Killer):
This unit can be programmed to switch on and off for night hours only when mosquitoes and moths are most active. e.g. 7 pm – 5 am.

For odour elimination (using ULTRAmatic Air Freshener):
With this unit you can create a pleasant ambience and ensure a long lasting, foul odour free environment. Especially effective for use in high traffic areas e.g. banks, busses etc. Programme to switch on during peak times when it is most needed and off at other times.

Long term savings.
With the ability to program start and stop times you can control when the unit should run or not and thus not use your aerosol tin unnecessarily, thereby lengthening the life time of the tin, i.e. if you are using the dispenser in business premises and only require it to run from Monday to Friday during office hours you can program it to be operational during those set hours, but off the rest of the time.

High quality product with a 2 year limited warranty.

Contains a wide range of features, allowing for settings to suit any specific needs.

Has many more individual features than the standard ECO unit.

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